Placing an Order

To help keep the cost of products reasonable, I donít have an expensive shopping cart feature. Simply email me with the items you want with the stated purchase price and Iíll confirm the order ASAP and let you know the actual postage to include with your payment. Orders are shipped after payment has been received.

Generally I can get 1 or 2 patches in an envelope for the basic first class rate. More than that will require additional postage according to the postal rates at the time of purchase. All items will be mailed from zip code 12159. If you care to verify the postage I collect feel free to do so. If you want insurance, proof of mailing, or priority mail you must let me know with your email order.

The packaging fee is to cover the cost of envelopes and packaging material.

N.Y. Sales Tax:
The State of New York requires that I collect 8.75% sales tax from all sales made within N.Y. Keep in mind that I do not charge sales tax, however I am obliged to collect it for the state.

For purchases made outside the United States I will be required to complete a CUSTOMS DECLARATION.

I am NOT REGISTERED with paypal. Payment must be made in US funds: Cash, Checks, Bank Checks, Money Orders and Western Union Transfers MUST BE MADE OUT TO GERARD WILSON.

For the latter, The WESTERN UNION in PRICE CHOPPER #183 is the closest facility to me:
1706 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203
Phone 518.456.0403   or visit www.westernunion.com

All orders will be shipped as soon as possible; small orders are usually mailed within 48 hours after payment is received. Keep in mind that I will take every precaution to protect your purchase in accordance to U.S. Postal packaging criteria.

Once the package leaves my hands I cannot be held responsible for any item that is damaged by U.S. Postal personnel. Thanks for your understanding on this.